Thursday, December 2, 2010

Performing Arts and Education

Cooperation between cultural education is an excellent opportunity for young artists to learn, while to create it. The formation process is more important than the outcome or the results of the tests, because in the process of exploration, discovery and creativity, where the learning is actually happening. Motivation and enjoy learning through the process of collaboration, exploration, discovery and creation.

academic teachers could learn much from their counterparts in the arts. English teachers have a distinct advantage because they could use to write essays and poems to convey a sense of belonging among students. Although it is difficult teacher, science, language and mathematics can also have the same opportunities for exploration, discovery, education and creativity, which would then hopefully, retention of a student application, responsibility and motivation. This, of course, impossible as long as we to force our government to allow teachers to teach university only for the result, or "standardized" test.

American students each year behind their counterparts around the world, academic and intellectual, while their parents and teachers in the educational propaganda, spat to continue to buy the machine-American politics in Washington. Education is the responsibility of parents in the first place, and if the parents are fighting to not be able or willing to educate their children, then I guess America is doomed to
cultural education.

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